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Quat-dina 4000 mL


QUATDINA® is a hospital disinfectant and odor eliminator with enzymatic biochemical technology. Free rinsing.

Direct use, without dilution, for disinfection and cleaning of medical equipment, medical devices and equipment contact surfaces. Its advanced biochemical technology helps it to have a better disinfectant and cleaning effect. Its proteolytic enzyme complex helps polar surfaces (where most lipoproteins adhere) to be degraded and improves disinfection by 99%. It helps to remove biofilm or plaque that is generated on equipment surfaces and crevices. Low friction odor neutralizer eliminates those unpleasant aromas that often adhere to equipment corners and edges.


  • QUAT-DINA® can be used to disinfect process areas or surfaces of medical equipment that cannot be sterilized with traditional processes or equipment that are in contact with fluids and chemical consumables. Its chemical formula allows an ideal disinfection in the hospital industry without the need to remove the product, allowing greater contact and better microbiological results.

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