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Enzidina Gel  500 mL


Enzidina Gel is a cleaner and disinfectant (decontaminant) for medical devices. Bactericidal and fungicidal. Enzidina gel is a reinforced gel formula of high power, containing 6 kinds of specific enzymes in blood and a powerful disinfectant, which removes all kinds of organic matter in surgical instruments for the control of transport in central sterilization in clinical and hospital working days in laparoscopic material, odontological, endoscopic, bacteriology material, orthopedic equipment, cannulas, hoses and in general all medical devices that require decontamination before reaching the sterilization center.


  • Enzidina Gel is indicated for the inactivation and decontamination of organic matter in instruments and medical devices. Enzidina gel is a powerful complex that, by combining its decontaminant formula with the multi-enzymatic cleaner, increases the activity of the enzymes, providing a faster and deeper penetration in areas of difficult access in the equipment since it has a high wetting and avoids the adherence of organic matter films on the surfaces, quickly removing organic matter, blood, proteins, carbohydrates, fat, starches, etc., leaving the instruments or equipment ready for subsequent high-level disinfection or sterilization. Due to its decontaminant formula, enzidina gel considerably reduces bacterial load and fungi.

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