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Benzaldina QX 1000 mL


BENZALDINA QX is a high level hospital disinfectant, designed for medical equipment, medical devices and high, medium and low criticality equipment. Indicated for use in operating room equipment, surgical tables, monitors, heart rate monitors, anesthesia equipment, artificial organ systems, neural microsurgery equipment, orthopedic instruments, auxiliary tables in the operating room, high cytotoxic contamination systems and dialysis systems.

Also for high radiation surgery areas such as angiography and arterial surgery systems, tomography and magnetic resonance, C-arc equipment, clinical sample laboratory, refrigerators and tissue banks, blood and sperm banks, etc.


  • Use it as a product to disinfect medical equipment, hospital furniture (medical devices), high criticality equipment, surgical areas and other hospital assistance areas.
  • Apply according to disinfection and sterilization protocol and let it act for 10 minutes. Then proceed to remove the disinfectant.

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